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LAUNMARK make Drying Tumbler is highly efficient and is specially designed for hosiery, dyeing industries, export houses. Towel plants, denim processing industries, home furnishing & all type of laundry works. The machine is front loading, with die pressed large dia door, inner rotating basket is made of stainless steel, outer body double walled insulated with glass wool, high power suction blower are provided for last drying. Automatic control panel having features auto reverse, auto forward. auto digital temperature controller, auto timed & auto stopped functions.

Model                LMTD-120-EL-SS
Capacity            100 KG
Basket Size            1220 mm X 1600 mm
Volume/Ltr            2410
Door Size            1030 mm
Drive Motor            3 HP
Blower Motor            4 HP (2 HP X 2 Motor)
Heating Option          120 KG/ Hr (STEAM)            
Overall Weight          2000 KG- Approximately (Vary Depend Model*)
Overall Size             1750 X2100 X 2700(mm) -Approximately (Vary Depend Model*)

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