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Equipped with sprocket drive and belt tightening mechanism to ensure smooth machine running; All ancillary roller shafts are made of durable stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance. Main roller of 800 mm-diameters adopts high quality stainless steel. Starch from the linen won’t stick to the roller easily after special surface treatment. Thus allows a long service life, high heat transmission efficiency, good ironing quality, and high ironing speed. Unique differential design and ironing belt installation design can avoid two prevailing problems; wrinkles at two ends of linen and poor ironing quality of small linen. Joint control of motor, high quality converter and speed reducer enable low energy consumption, low noise and simple operation. A safety device is equipped in machine front to improve operator safety. Automatic ironing belts tightened by self-weight and spring. Consistent belt tightness ensures good ironing quality. Float-style steam trap allows smooth drainage without any special requirement on steam pressure difference. Machine body part processed by CNC laser ensures parallelism after installation and smooth running.

Model                    LM-CM-3000X800-GS

Capacity                3 Mtr

Gas Pressure            10 Mbp

Roller Diameter            800 mm

Drive Motor                .75 KW

Working Width            3000 mm

Ironing Speed            0-6m/Min

Connection                440/50Hz/3p

Overall Size                4040X1580X1340 (mm)

Overall Weight            2000 KG

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