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Dry Cleaning machines are suitable for dry washing of garments, woolen, woven, sweaters, polyester, sari etc. LAUNMARK Dry Cleaning machine, has auto timed, auto reverse and auto stop features with all models and sizes. The body of the machine is fabricated out of powder-coated metal. Every joint is welded with argon welding. The inner drum basket is made of perforated Stainless steel sheet having single smooth and fine joint. Our machine is designed for minimum possible liquor ratio.

Model                    LM-DRY-PERC-10
Capacity                10 Kg
Drum Diameter            700 mm
Drum Depth                425mm
Washing Speed            45-65 r/min
Dehydration Speed        380r/min
Rated Voltage            220/440V
Main Motor Power            0.35/1.3 Kw
Infusion pump Power        0.37 Kw
Exhauster Power            0.37 Kw
Drying Power            4.2 Kw
Distillation Power            4 Kw
Cooling Water Inlet        15mm
Size (mm)L/W/H            1460 X 950 X 1700(mm)
Machine Weight            900 Kg

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