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LAUNMARK Washer Extractor is a very efficient combination of conventional washing machines and hydro extractor required by standard and high level shop floors. The installation of this machine checks operator's negligence of killing time and keeping the washing area dry and clean. We can also save the loading and unloading time required for both the conventional washing and hydro extractor machines. Washer extractor is provided with computer controlled system with desired software, which we can wash, rinse and get the right spin extraction within the stipulated time given.

Model                LMWE100 FC1-EL
Washing Capacity        100 Kg
Drum Size             1200mm x 820mm
Washing Speed        33 rpm/min
High Extract Speed        900 rpm/min
Voltage            440/50/3-V/Hz/P 
Motor Power            7.5kW
Steam Inlet Diam        25mm
Drain Diam            114mm
Soap Box Qty        3 Piece
Overall Weight        3200 KG
Overall Size              1740X2000X1900mm

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